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Community Events

The Kennedy Forum Gala will be held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum on the evening of October 23rd. The speaker program for the gala will be live webcasted across the country in order to unite the entire community of mental health.

How To Host An Event

We welcome all interested individuals and organizations to create a community event! Here are some ideas of where to host your gathering:

-Local mental health organizations
-Education systems
-Hospital and treatment centers
-House parties

Webcast Details

The webcast will take place on October 23rd starting around 7:30 EST via the web. The speaker program will last approximately one hour. Additional information regarding access to the webcast will be sent out to committed locations prior to the event, but an internet connection will be needed.

Webcast Package

As part of joining the Kennedy Forum, we will also be sending out a package of content that aligns with the conference programming on October 24th. This package will include the following:

-An introductory video from Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, Founder of the Kennedy Forum

-Three brief videos in which people with lived experience of mental illness, addiction, and intellectual/developmental disability provide their personal perspectives on the “three pillars” of President Kennedy’s initiative: Research, Prevention and Early Intervention, Community Integration

-The consensus statement that will be issued at the Kennedy Forum

Contact Us

For more information, or to sign up to host a community event, please email the Kennedy Forum team at: thekennedyforum@gmail.com